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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 25, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. great videos and the stories behind them are coming your way "right this minute." ♪ it's hard to believe anybody could survive this. >> that, my friends, is a cement. >> how rescuers freed a woman from her flattened car. police pull over a driver, but watch what happens when he pulls out a barrel full of old man rage. it's a birthday sky dive requiring -- >> not a helmet. >> how one guy makes it look
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like a piece of cake. i'm taking you to ice place for love and sandwiches. >> we are here to make the best sandwich. >> the delicious creation that put my name on the menu. >> it's weird to bite in beth troutman. >> if you are klauser phobic, this is tough to watch. that is a cement mixer on top of a sedan. in the sedan were two women who ran into the mixer, and the truck troppled on them. the rescuers trying to get them out. they used jacks and the jaws of life. it was not good enough. they needed a crane to get the mixer off the car because, i mean, that thing was just so heavy. the woman was wedged in there. you can see, the jaws of life were able to create enough
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space. they are able to get her out in stable condition after she reached the hospital, but several broken bones. >> the whole thing is crunched. she just got really lucky to be in the right position relative to where the krauncrunching hap. another video, another accident, this is comical. bill haven university, jackson, mississippi. they are doing renovation. watch what happens. the truck goes by, now the construction equipment. notice this, oversized load on that 18-wheeler. now you see the guard house, and now you don't. >> oh, just crushed the whole thing! >> demolished. >> surprised that oversized load truck driver just buzzed through that. >> that'
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good afternoon live in the ktvu's news room. we have a special report following the after math of yesterday's quake. >> at the time the earthquake i immediately contacted my manager dan keen. the manager has already given orders at 3:40 a.m. to activate the emergency operation center. by 4 a.m., the emergency operatr was up and active. i arrived at the emergency operation center at approximately 4:30 a.m. along with the city's manager, dan keen. at the time, dan was already
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there and in place and taken matters under control. public works was there and at that time, public works have already dispatched some personnel to deal with water main breaks and reported gas leaks. police chief crimes was on the scene. as well as public works director, i indicated craig wyndham was already there and calling in staff to assist with this situation. . an assessment was made by the fire chief immediately, chief macarthur. based on the information obtained at that time to deal with the contingency.
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we assess the damage and see what the situation really was. within two hours of the earthquake, there was a complete emergency operation team in place assessing and dealing with emergencies. i want to thank our vallejo's emergency teams for its rapid assessment and respond during this difficult time. i thank all of them for a job well done. you needed to be there to see how professionally and efficiently they got into what needed to be done and did it without hesitation. i also want to thank our sheriff for his assistance. i also want to thank the surrounding agencies who also offered and stood by and offered assistance when and where needed. i like to acknowledge that i received calls from
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congressman, thompson, offering assistance as well as our assembly woman, susan and senator barbara. we thank you for their interests and their willingness to help. i am thankful there were no deaths and no serious injuries. however, there were some property damage and various properties as we begin to assess the situation. we find that there is and the managers will discuss that momentarily. in dealing with the broken water main, it prevented a lot of property damage and inconvenient to the public. i want to thank the public for their calm response and assessment situation and they're working the staff to make sure that things get taken care of. i want to
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ensure the public that we have a professional operation team and has done a remarkable job under these circumstances and i am proud of the things they have done and which they took care of matters. you have to see it to really appreciate it. i mean everybody showed up and everybody began to work without needing to be prompted. with that, again, i want to thank you for a job well done and let the public know that you are in good hands. i will turn it over to our city manager to give you the status of today and what's coming in the future, to dan keen. >> thank you, mayor davis. i will begin by reading a statement and we'll commit to the questions. so approximately at 4:00 yesterday morning, the city of vallejo convened an emergency operation center in response to the earthquake that
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occurred at 3:20. our objective was to secure our businesses and visitors and our people. and, we very much appreciate the calm way our community responded to what was a very serious event. probably, the most serious event that many of our residents have experienced of our time in the city. the staff and the effort of help in the community were successful and quickly in the 36 hours. we recognize that residents and businesses are continuing to call us with issues as they discover them particularly, this morning as people came back to their business places and recognize some thing was not quite right. we were getting those calls. we are going to continue to work property owners to support the repair of the properties and to continue the assessment
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of the damage an assist those property owners and getting things repaired. we are a strong community and this event illustrates that well. communication has been extremely important throughout this incident. we issued five press releases through the day yesterday and we communicated through social media which has been an effective tool for us. we established a c of communication efforts going forward. we have a special e-mail address. it is earthquake 2013 at ci. vallejo at ca. or there is a message line at 707-651-7144. calls are e-mail
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today our efforts are focused on building and property assessments and addressing -- our city crews assisted by other agencies are providing inspections throughout the week to determine which buildings should be red tagged for prohibited use and green tag for full use. as of noon today, we have approximately ten buildings that has been red tagged for non-use. all of them are commercials and one of them are mixed building including the post office. we have 34 buildings across the city that has been yellow tagged, meaning there is something wrong there but they are allowed for property use but need to correct the problems. we have a total of 13
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water main breaks that were related in the earthquake in the immediate hour after the incident. service have been restored to all properties. all of our water mane breaks hae main breaks have been repaired. we have five crews out working on those water main breaks. we had a lot of issues out on mayor island. as you know, it is an area that is filled with many historic structures date back to some over 100 years and we saw a lot of damage initially primarily, water main breaks and water elated issues and fire suppression. primarily there is some
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internal damage that occurred to the fire suppression system or plumbing that needs to be corrected. there were reported 49 total injuries that were reported to us. and who resulted in emissions at the hospital. the county solano has its own fy here that has been affected. they have a couple of buildings that had not been used. mayor island is working actively to get those businesses out there. as you may or may not know, we have 100 businesses. it is over 200 employees so it is important for us to get those businesses back up and running. mayor island is working with a team of
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engineers to get that happen quickly. the city school district has been engaged and assessing the conditions of their buildings. the city is pursuing assistance for residence and businesses. at the present time, we have no public assistance available but we do anticipate additional information whether assistance will be available until wednesday and we'll provide updates through the media and our website as we go on. tomorrow night we'll have a city council meeting here. i signed an emergency proclamation that i signed yesterday. we'll continue to issue daily press releases through friday with an update of the status of the community's response to this earthquake and this will be available on our facebook page and through the community's next
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door network. i want to on behalf of the city thank the city, fairfield and concordia and solano county's sheriffs and medic ambulance and the flood control district for the way they collaborated with the city. when we came to the eoc, arrived at 4:20, the room was staffed and we had all of our staff there and we had other agencies there and they were there with us throughout the day, all 15 hours until we went to level two status in the early evening. we'll continue to operate our eoc at level two that means somebody is there monitoring and continue log issues as they come up and dispatching staff resources to respond if they come up. that concludes my prepared statement, i would be
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happy to respond to any questions. we have next to me, next to the mayor, our fire chief, jack macarthur. >> did you say the main post office is red tagged? >> yes, in santa clara street. >> it is not the main office. >> also, the water main breaks that included in the 13 or was it an additional? >> it was in addition. as we brought the system back up, we had other breaks that related to the in breaks. >> you said 49 injuries, can you give some sort of indication? >> we don't have a lot of information that was reported to us by the hospitals. it does not sound like many of them were too serious.
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two of them resulted in emissions so we don't believe they were too serious. >> early this morning of the damage, yo the $5 million. >> $5. 2 million. one of the things we are focusig on is we had a lot of calls and we continue to get calls from residents primarily who discover damage and many of the homes with break chimneys were damaged. we continue to get those calls and we are assessing ou island and mostly the occupied building. preliminary is $5. 2 million bt that's likely to change as we get better information. we have a team of building inspectors and structural engineers and from outside this agency with the assistance
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of the state and emergency services and that'll assist us in getting the best, accurate picture of what the real dollars will likely to be. >> when you factor in all the windows and the total number of properties infected by this? >> i don't think we have an actual number at this point. that's part of our assessment is to really tally up everything and to -- some of those properties corrected the problems themselves and did not necessarily contact us so we don't have that yet. we'll have that towards the end of the week. >> yes, sir, in the back. >> [ indiscernible audio ] >> i have never been more proud and impressed by the
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city withstand themselves and reach out for assistance through this tragedy and the professionalism and the level of communication could not have been better. >> thank you. >> we don't know at this point, that's the thing we are interested in exploring as our state. the mayor mentioned that we had contact early here with our congressman and our state's senator's offices. we'll be pursuing that angle diligently once we get past the assessment thing. >> can you talk about the types
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of businesses t affected? >> that's tough, we had a whole a lot of businesses particularly on tennessee street as you drive out from sonoma boulevard typically retail establishments with large glass windows that shattered in the quake. out on mayor island, several businesses blew homes and had damages to their plant and clothes is another tenant there. i don't think i can give awe completely comprehensive identification. all of it is, you know, more or less related to the kinds of damage that we saw in other places so broken glass, water, and water line issues and fire suppression systems that could not function because we had to turn the leak on that.
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>> one of the buildings in the tennessee road -- >> i don't know that, i read the same thing as you read on napa. it was obscure, i don't know. >> yes, sir. >> [ indiscernible audio ] >> we had minor reports early on that there were possibly some looting. i don't think it was anything that i would say got out of hand. we didn't get other reports on that, very sporadic. >> well, what we know about and we had a building downtown that was a residential structure next to a structure that partially collapsed. the owner, the same
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owner of those buildings, evacuated those individuals and i think there were eight of them. other than that, we had some students out on mayor island at the university who were renting house and i believe there were 12. about 20 and i don't know about any others. we were able to stabilize thingd that's what we know of. >> will they be able to come back at this time? >> no. >> fires and gas leaks. >> >> we had no fires due to gas leaks. we had gas le we had gas leaks but no fires. yes, ma'am. >> what's the process right away? >> well, the focus is easy. it is preserving life
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safety and making sure that the community's immediate need safety is addressed. employees are distributed all over the area, not necessarily in the in the city of vallejo, our fire chief here is in the city. we were on o the phone to each other and texting and calling and it was to the credit of our team, most of them immediately got in their cars and came to our emergency operation center which is at fire station downtown here. established as they have been trained. we are proud to say that we have gone through an extensive amount in the last year. we sent them the city council appropriate funds. we sent well over 100 of our employees and it really paid off.
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those employees came in and assumed the roles they have been trained and we were up and running immediately. we had a few technology issues which were resolved. we had volunteers providing food and we had red cross coordinating with us on shelter needs and the process goes there you the day of assessing the current issues and what we were facing at that moment and what were the most critical issues and addressing the most urgent. those water main leaks were among the highest priorities to us. that was the primary focus. as the day went on and people began as the sun came up and people -- it was focused on assessing what's the dangerous situation and what needs to be corrected.
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>> again, you have been listening live to our update post scenario, updating us on several issues starting with property damage saying ten buildings there have been red tagged and including the post office on santa clara street. they say their biggest issues after the quake were the water main breaks about 13 initially and they had eight more discovered today as they bring the water back on. downtown vallejo had a number of issues along with mayor island and also on injuries, they now have a total of 49 injuries in the vallejo island area and including two people who had to be taken t hospital. as they are reviewing procedure, they'll ask for an emergency proclamation and the estimated damage in vallejo alone is about $5.
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2 million. we will continue to follow thisd that again is just an update in vallejo. earlier today we had the update in sonoma county. 500 customers are still without water there and full respiration is expected in the next few days. pg&e crews have been able to restored power for 7000 customers who were left in the dark after the quake hit in the napa area. about two hours ago, the superintendent in the napa valley announced for a second day, classes will be cancelled tomorrow. you can see in this video, a lot of books and lights they have to get fixed and a lot of computers were tossed as well. earlier this afternoon about two third of schools have been checked out by engineers and given a green light but a third still have to be
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checked out by officials. although that has not yet to be determined. we want to pass on a catholic high school in napa, that's closed today but they plan to be opened tomorrow according to the post on the school's facebook page. that's some of the updates we are getting in the news room. be sure to stay on on the after math on the south napa earthquake. coming up, we'll have a special two hour edition of ktvu news and a 30 minute sp that's going to start. remember that you can get the latest online at as well as facebook and twitter. stay with us, we'll bring you back now to your regular scheduled program. the m cgyver of the interpret. col colin, super creative, inventing weird devices. the latest is pretty weird. making metal bags almost, calling it hydroforming, w
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plates of metal, and look what he's making. >> oh, my gosh. is that his halloween costume? >> it is not, but it is his fireworks costume. he loves them and wanted to be close as he could, building himself a fireworks safety suit. climbs into the metal casing, like a suit of armor. >> the purpose of this is to get into this suit so he can be in the middle of the fireworks while they are going off? >> absolutely. what a great, crazy idea. there's colin inside the suit of armor. ♪ first, he starts off with fireworks all over him, and then there's a bunch of guys shooting fireworks at him. he's got the window, the eye lele lets and mouth to peer out. it's a fireworks show. barely can move, but people are shooting rockets at him. directly at him.
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troutman. we hapwe have the best videe wr web rigp web right h minute." >> a 3 -year-old is swallowed up. that's a manhole, the rush to get the boy out of the manhole. >> got him. stand by. police track a wrong way driver as they try to get the guy stopped. what happens when he heads straight at him. an orphan baby wombat is a meme.


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